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    د· خالد التقي لـ"اللواء": اقرار قانون خاص بترخيص الامتياز ينعش الاقتصاد خصوصاً السياحة
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    FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki , addressing
    The Franchise Conference in Syria on
    the Topic The Franchise Cycle 19.6.2007
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    FBC organizes a lecture at NDU , FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki
    Topic : “ The Franchise Cycle”

    With The Daily Start
    Taki Business in person
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    FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki , addressing
    The Franchise Conference in Kuwait on
    the Topic “ The Franchise Cycle” 23.12.2005
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    • (1) FBC has developed a Manual Development Package.

    This Manual Development Package specializes in the preparation of operation manuals, training manuals and menu preparation manuals and any other type of manual required by our clients.

    • (2) Why should a company introduce or adopt a manual?

    The benefits of introducing and adopting a manual in a company allow for growth and replace the traditional verbal methods of communication amongst the different departments and employees.

    • (3) FBC believes that the reluctance by many Arab companies to adopt manuals has been due to the use of the English Language as a standard for all manuals. Thus, we have a Manual Development Package, which consists of using both the English and Arabic Languages, assisted by visual aids, and step-by-step presentations with photographs as well as PowerPoint presentations.

    • (4) There are 4 main types of manuals. These include:

      A. Operations Manuals
      B. Training Manuals
      C. Menu Preparation Manuals and others

    A. Operations Manuals

    FBC specializes in Operation Manuals which ensure that the operating cycle of a company and its divisions is well-dominated and used by all of the staff in the organization. An operation manual covers:

    (i) Introduction
    (ii) Pre Opening Requirements
    (iii) Pre-Opening and Post Opening Training Procedures
    (iv) Bookkeeping and Accounting Methods
    (v) Grand Opening Procedures
    (vi) Daily Operational Function
    (vii) Troubleshooting
    (viii) Conclusion

    B. Training Manuals

    FBC also specializes in Training Manuals, which allows a company to train its employees based upon the job description, which includes the duties and responsibilities. The Training Manual is used under a concept of 'Train the Trainer' (TTT) for continuity. FBC will train one person who, in turn, will train the others. Training Manuals can be designed for the entire organization, or for a department or for a division. Training Manuals are designed to cover a minimum of two weeks and also up to four to six weeks.
    Training Manuals, in all their forms, require role play and this is an area of specialization at FBC

    C. Menu Preparation Manuals

    FBC specializes in Menu Preparation Manuals, which are specifically designed for restaurants where the preparation of each and every item in the menu must be listed in detail, this includes a code number for each item, the ingredients including weights, and a step-by-step method followed in the preparation of an item up to the delivery to the client.
    Visual aids such as photographs are used in the preparation of all Menu Preparation Manuals.
    FBC offers specialization when it comes to Manuals and is able to produce a manual (bilingual) for any organization.

    Calendar Of Upcoming Activities

    The Franchise Phenomenon
    Its rapid adoption by Lebanese Franchisors
    for the Arab Markets
    Presented by
    Dr. Khaled A. Taki, Senior Consultant of
    F B C - Lebanon
    at Gefinor Rotana Hotel - Beirut
    Founded in 2007 in Beirut Lebanon to
    serve the Arab World    click here
    Member of the
    College of Experts. 2007 2008    click here
    Articles and Interviews by
    Dr. Khaled A.Taki

    1 The Daily Star – Franchise Guru
    2 The Liwa – Legislative Campaign for a Franchise Law
    3 Franchising in the Middle East and Arab World
    4 Franexcel - spring 2008
    5 Franexcel - summer 2008
    7- FrancExel-Lebanese_Franchisor
    8- The Liwa – Legislative Campaign for a Franchise Law
    Franchise Business Consultants ®
    Beirut Lebanon

    Franchise Business Consultants is ready to help you develop a reliable and dependable Franchise Development package bi lingual English and Arabic , includes a realistic long term strategy :

    - Franchise Pricing including Brand Identity and Intellectual property to determine value of Franchise
    - Designing & Developing the Franchise Program – “Tailor made to fit your own organization”
    - Franchising Growth Planning & Implementation – Five year plan with modules and brochure
    - Franchise Operations Manuals , bi lingual English and Arabic
    - Franchise Training Manuals , bi lingual English and Arabic, with rotating tasks for the staff
    - Franchisor International Division implementation with new branch opening cycle and check lists
    - Franchisors and franchisees training workshops , all in-house and with simulation sessions
    - Franchisor & Franchisees Relationship Building based on quality control systems and territory designation
    - Strategic Franchise Marketing and testing through mystery dinners to outlets and competition
    - Franchise Cash flow Management to assist and monitor performance of all franchisees
    - Franchise Feasibility , complete testing of brand and pricing structure per module
    - Buying / selling a franchise , assisting both parties, Franchisor and franchisee with direct negotiations
    - Franchisee Operation business planning for three and five years based on territory
    - Master franchise area development complete with analysis of obstacles and advantages per territory