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    د· خالد التقي لـ"اللواء": اقرار قانون خاص بترخيص الامتياز ينعش الاقتصاد خصوصاً السياحة
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    FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki , addressing
    The Franchise Conference in Syria on
    the Topic The Franchise Cycle 19.6.2007
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    FBC organizes a lecture at NDU , FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki
    Topic : The Franchise Cycle

    With The Daily Start
    Taki Business in person
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    FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki , addressing
    The Franchise Conference in Kuwait on
    the Topic The Franchise Cycle 23.12.2005
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    How to Develop and Sell a (Franchise) concept
    Date and Time: 17 March 2009, from 9:30 am till 5:00 pm.
    Venue : Gefinor Rotana Hotel Hamra, Beirut
    FOR ADVANCE BOOKINGS- Limited Seats available
    Please call FBC on Tel. 01/744122 or cellular 70/201065
    Or e mail us on , or by fax to 01/341759

    We are proud to announce that the FBC ONE DAY Seminar Program,
    held on Tuesday, 17 March 2009 at the Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Beirut on the
    Topic: How to Develop & Sell A (Franchise) Concept
    was a real success, there were 42 attendees including the speakers,
    there was lots of interaction amongst the participants and the following
    companies attended :

    Speakers :
    FBC Senior Consultant Khaled A. Taki, Ph.D.
    Attorney at law Karim Torbey, Ph.D. &
    Mr. Michel Bayoud - CEO Boecker
    Mr. George Kenaan - The Lunch Bag
    Miss Soha Al-Masri TAGI Office Manager Beirut
    Attorney Manal A. Majed
    Mr. Sergio Al Halabi Brand Identity Graphic Designer
    Mr. Samir Riman Website Developer & Designer
    Charbel Aoun International Executive Chef

    The Lebanese Franchise Association
    President Charles Arbid
    Mr. Nabil Ladiki- General Manager

    Hospitality Services Dr. Nouhad Dammous

    USEK Miss Tania Antoun
    USEK Miss Nada Obeid
    AUB Professor - Dr. Adnan Iskandar

    Fransabank - Youssef Khalil Inspector

    Insurance Companies
    Victoire Insurance - Naji Sultanem - General Manager
    GlobMed Limited - Fadi Rababi- Business Dev.Manager
    GlobMed Limited -Rami Richmani - Project Manager
    GlobMed Limited - Romi Sengakis - Project Manager

    Boecker Mark Abi Haidar
    Caf Najjar - Elie Ouaiki - Training Manager
    Casper & Gambini Marwan EL hajj
    Garacco (Nail Lingerie) Michel Jammal
    Linas Tarek Hamawi - Owner
    Linas - Peggy Khoury-Marketing Manager
    Linas - Josette Njeim - Project Dev. Manager
    Linas - Rita Dekiss - GM Assistant
    Wooden Bakery Mr. Ghassan Abi Habib
    Wooden Bakery Mr. Fouad Echo
    Shahbaz Nuts , Mr. Leon Chamichian, CEO
    Moulin Dor - Melhem Kallas Sales Manager
    Assaha Restaurant Attorney Ali Berro
    Najjar Agriculture - Khaled Najjar CEO

    Advertising and Media Companies
    Feedback Daniel Karam- CEO

    IT communications Companies
    BTC Marwan Dia - Managing Director

    Trade Mark Specialists
    TAGI Miss Tania Antoun
    Miss Nada Obeid
    Property developers and Managers
    Rakan Fathallah Gefinor Property Developer

    Consultants :
    Dr. Salim Hajji Business Limited Consultant

    Other Guests
    Mr. Henri Nawar - Businessman
    Tony Khalil Tour Guide
    Mirna Almaz Graphic Designer
    FBC Franchise Business Consultants have the pleasure to announce that it is organizing a one day seminar on How to Develop and Sell a (Franchise) concept , this seminar will provide you with the necessary methodology techniques and requirements for evaluating an idea, developing it into a concept and selling it in the market place. You will be able to prepare an action plan following the analysis of the contents of the seminar.
    How to Develop and Sell a (Franchise) concept
    Why this seminar? Because it is a unique opportunity to explore this new emerging sector known as Franchise Concept, and in view of the hard economic times and world recession which is expected to last for at least 2009 to mid 2010 , it is essential to acknowledge that the demand for established Franchises will decrease drastically and the demand for concepts which are clever, simple , affordable and can be franchised is increasing tremendously .

    Therefore, FBC has taken the bold step to offer this special seminar to all those whose imagination is ready to think of a unique idea, develop it into a concept, design it on paper as a complete implementation package, and ready to be sold in the market place.

    Who should attend? Our seminar is targeted at everyone from all backgrounds interested in developing good ideas into concepts to be franchised, the seminar contents will serve as a blueprint prototype mechanism used by participants to design an action plan and test every idea- that comes to mind in the hope that some ideas will prove to be great and once developed as SME small and medium enterprise will sell well and after a year or two will become a great Franchise .

    Seminar Objectives: To familiarize all the participants with first the Concept Cycle from idea to concept to franchise (session one) , then understand the requirements for a concept to be developed and sold ( session two) , and finally the legal contract required for the sale of a concept (session three), in addition to three interactive workshop case studies and Q & A sessions.

    Seminar benefits; Upon completion of the one day seminar, the participant will be able to evaluate any idea and decide whether it can become a concept or not, draft a check list of the basic requirements ( such as the BDP business development plan involving all costs and return on investment , Brand Identity package, name and logo, Intellectual property, pricing, etc. ) and the basics of the legal contract agreement. In addition each participant will receive valuable tools being a well documented hard copy folder, soft copy CD, of the contents of the seminar for future use as reference.

    Seminar Cost Structure: The seminar cost per participant is $ 250 per one person, special 20 % discount or $ 200 per parties of two, special 25 % discount or $ 185 each for parties of three or more.

    Added Value : The fees include the following: Contents of the Seminar folder (hard copy) and soft on CD; An FBC Certificate of Participation; Coffee breaks, and a Lunch Buffet at the Gefinor Rotana Hotel; Complementary One day Parking at the hotel.
    How to Develop and Sell a (Franchise) concept
    We hope that you will join us,
    FOR ADVANCE BOOKINGS- Limited seats available
    Please call FBC on Tel. 01/744122 or cellular 70/201065
    Or e mail us on , or by fax to 01/341759
    Calendar Of Upcoming Activities

    The Franchise Phenomenon
    Its rapid adoption by Lebanese Franchisors
    for the Arab Markets
    Presented by
    Dr. Khaled A. Taki, Senior Consultant of
    F B C - Lebanon
    at Gefinor Rotana Hotel - Beirut
    Founded in 2007 in Beirut Lebanon to
    serve the Arab World    click here
    Member of the
    College of Experts. 2007 2008    click here
    Articles and Interviews by
    Dr. Khaled A.Taki

    1 The Daily Star Franchise Guru
    2 The Liwa Legislative Campaign for a Franchise Law
    3 Franchising in the Middle East and Arab World
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    8- The Liwa Legislative Campaign for a Franchise Law
    Franchise Business Consultants ®
    Beirut Lebanon

    Franchise Business Consultants is ready to help you develop a reliable and dependable Franchise Development package bi lingual English and Arabic , includes a realistic long term strategy :

    - Franchise Pricing including Brand Identity and Intellectual property to determine value of Franchise
    - Designing & Developing the Franchise Program Tailor made to fit your own organization
    - Franchising Growth Planning & Implementation Five year plan with modules and brochure
    - Franchise Operations Manuals , bi lingual English and Arabic
    - Franchise Training Manuals , bi lingual English and Arabic, with rotating tasks for the staff
    - Franchisor International Division implementation with new branch opening cycle and check lists
    - Franchisors and franchisees training workshops , all in-house and with simulation sessions
    - Franchisor & Franchisees Relationship Building based on quality control systems and territory designation
    - Strategic Franchise Marketing and testing through mystery dinners to outlets and competition
    - Franchise Cash flow Management to assist and monitor performance of all franchisees
    - Franchise Feasibility , complete testing of brand and pricing structure per module
    - Buying / selling a franchise , assisting both parties, Franchisor and franchisee with direct negotiations
    - Franchisee Operation business planning for three and five years based on territory
    - Master franchise area development complete with analysis of obstacles and advantages per territory