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    د· خالد التقي لـ"اللواء": اقرار قانون خاص بترخيص الامتياز ينعش الاقتصاد خصوصاً السياحة
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    FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki , addressing
    The Franchise Conference in Syria on
    the Topic The Franchise Cycle 19.6.2007
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    FBC organizes a lecture at NDU , FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki
    Topic : “ The Franchise Cycle”

    With The Daily Start
    Taki Business in person
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    FBC- Dr. Khaled A. Taki , addressing
    The Franchise Conference in Kuwait on
    the Topic “ The Franchise Cycle” 23.12.2005
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        L A T E S T   F   B   C   N E W S  
        FBC 26th  OCTOBER 2007 SEMINAR  
    Speakers FBC  Consultant Khaled A. Taki, Ph.D.
          Speakers FBC  Consultant Khaled A. Taki, Ph.D  
    and Attorney at law Karim Torbey, Ph.D.
          and FBC Attorney Manal A. Majed  

    We are proud to announce that the FBC ONE DAY Seminar Program,
    held on Friday 26th October, 2007 at the Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Beirut on the
    Topic: The Legal Contract for any Franchise Agreement
    Presented by   FBC Consultant Khaled A. Taki, Ph.D.
      Attorney at law Karim Torbey, Ph.D. & FBC Attorney Manal A. Majed
    was a real success, approximately 6o people attended, 
    there was lots of interaction amongst the participants and the following
     Associations, Banks, Law Offices, Auditors and companies attended :


    The Lebanese Franchise Association
    President Charles Arbid
    Mireille Kamel- Assistant to the President

    Law Offices
    Alem Law Offices – Leila Leila, Attorney
    Mughaizel Law Office- Roula Moughabghab, Attorney at Law
    Fadi Jamaldinne Law Office- Alice Choueiry, Attorney at Law
    Mohamed Khudr Law Office – Mohammad Khodr, Attorney
    Tayan and Zgheib Law Offices- Aline Choukair, Attorney at Law
    Riad Saber Law Offices – Riad Saber, Attorney 
    Attorney Fatten Nasser

    First National Bank- George Abi- Karam , Head of legal department
    Banque LibanoFrancaise- Paoula Rafael, Legal Department
                                                  Rima Khoury, Legal Department
                                                Maya Abboud, Legal Department
                                                Adonis Hajal, Legal Department

    Accountants and Auditors  
    Hekmat Nawfal Accountants and Auditors
    Hatem Hatem Law Offices – Hatem Hatem, Certified Public Accountant


    Trade Mark Specialists
          Talal Abu Ghazaleh Group – Legal Department – Attorney Soha Masri        

    BTC –  Managing Director Mr. Marwan Dia

    Car Rentals Advanced Rent a Car – Rami Chatila, Development Manager

    Franchisors :

    sineco - Al Balad Restaurant Franchise and Legal Department-
                       Nathalie Khalil, Franchise Division
                       Nabil Bteich, Attorney Al Balad
    Patchi – Joumana Younis, Legal Coordinator
    Crepaway- Joelle Bachaalani, Junior Franchise Divison Officer
              Bliss House- Omar Freij, Franchise Divison
    How to Wou – Mr Fadi Sawaya, CEO
                           Antonio El Hachem, Attorney
    Casper and Gambini – Mr Maroun El Hajj, Regional Manager
    Ghia Group – Abdelwahad Restaurants- Duo –Elie El Mashrakani, Attorney
    Hard Rock Café- Suzanne Gemayel, Executive Assistant
                               Armand Simonian, CEO
                               Jihad Allaban, COD
                               Abdel Hamid Enan, GM Hard Rock Egypt
                               Mustafa El Shibini, Tax Consultant & Advisor, Egypt
    Azadea Group- Zeina Njeim, Regional Legal Manager
    Aishti- Hanna Chalhoub, Legal Counsel
    Farra Design Center – Elie Sakr, Stock Manager
    Gallery Matta – Mr Samir Matta, Owner
    Feedback – Mr Daniel Karam CEO
                       Mrs Rita Karam, Administrative Manager
                       Maroun Atallah, Media Manager & Deputy GM
    Najjar Agricultural, Khaled Najjar, CEO

    Profair s.a.r.l. – Conferences and Exhibitions - Damascus
    Mr. Sharif El Frem and Nawar El Sioufi

    Calendar Of Upcoming Activities

    The Franchise Phenomenon
    Its rapid adoption by Lebanese Franchisors
    for the Arab Markets
    Presented by
    Dr. Khaled A. Taki, Senior Consultant of
    F B C - Lebanon
    at Gefinor Rotana Hotel - Beirut
    Founded in 2007 in Beirut Lebanon to
    serve the Arab World    click here
    Member of the
    College of Experts. 2007 2008    click here
    Articles and Interviews by
    Dr. Khaled A.Taki

    1 The Daily Star – Franchise Guru
    2 The Liwa – Legislative Campaign for a Franchise Law
    3 Franchising in the Middle East and Arab World
    4 Franexcel - spring 2008
    5 Franexcel - summer 2008
    7- FrancExel-Lebanese_Franchisor
    8- The Liwa – Legislative Campaign for a Franchise Law
    Franchise Business Consultants ®
    Beirut Lebanon

    Franchise Business Consultants is ready to help you develop a reliable and dependable Franchise Development package bi lingual English and Arabic , includes a realistic long term strategy :

    - Franchise Pricing including Brand Identity and Intellectual property to determine value of Franchise
    - Designing & Developing the Franchise Program – “Tailor made to fit your own organization”
    - Franchising Growth Planning & Implementation – Five year plan with modules and brochure
    - Franchise Operations Manuals , bi lingual English and Arabic
    - Franchise Training Manuals , bi lingual English and Arabic, with rotating tasks for the staff
    - Franchisor International Division implementation with new branch opening cycle and check lists
    - Franchisors and franchisees training workshops , all in-house and with simulation sessions
    - Franchisor & Franchisees Relationship Building based on quality control systems and territory designation
    - Strategic Franchise Marketing and testing through mystery dinners to outlets and competition
    - Franchise Cash flow Management to assist and monitor performance of all franchisees
    - Franchise Feasibility , complete testing of brand and pricing structure per module
    - Buying / selling a franchise , assisting both parties, Franchisor and franchisee with direct negotiations
    - Franchisee Operation business planning for three and five years based on territory
    - Master franchise area development complete with analysis of obstacles and advantages per territory